The 100 Club

Shire 100 Club

The first of the two monthly Shire 100 Club draws, which was for the boardroom hospitality tickets, was made during the half-time interval at Saturday’s home game against Whitehill Welfare.

Connor Greene and Andy Rodgers were on hand to pull one numbered ball from the bag and the winner is Peter Faulds.

He will have the opportunity of coming to a future Ochilview match to sample some boardroom hospitality along with a guest.


There will be one more draw which will be for the £150.00 monthly cash prize. Full details of that will be posted on the club website soon.

The Shire 100 Club is a great way to stand a chance of winning a monthly cash sum as well as some other Shire goodies in the knowledge that you are contributing to the general well-being of the football club.

An investment in Shire’s future via the 100 Club starts at as little as £5.00 per month. Full details of what the Shire 100 Club is and how to join can be found here .