It’s Jay’s Ball

Young Shire fan Jay Daly was given a special present before Sunday’s Lowland League game against Spartans at Ochilview.

Defender Connor Greene handed over the ball that he headed into the net in the recent game against Edinburgh University for the goal which set a new Lowland League scoring record.

The strike was Shire’s 75th league goal of the season, which eclipsed the previous season high set by both Edinburgh City and Spartans.


After the game the club decided to auction off the ball and a blind auction was organised with the proceeds going to charity.

Jay’s mum, Tracey, submitted the highest of a number of different bids and Jay now has the ball, which Connor signed.

The cash bid by Tracey to claim the prize will be heading to the charity, SADS UK,  which is involved in research into cardiac arrest among young and middle aged people and was nominated by Connor himself.