The 100 Club

Shire 100 Club

The latest Shire 100 Club Cash Prize Draw was made at Saturday’s final Lowland League game of the season against East Kilbride at Ochilview.

Chairman Alan Archibald was helped out in making the draw by our VIP guest for the day, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Professional Football League, Neil Doncaster.


Neil picked out the one lucky draw ball to determine the winner of the £150.00 monthly cash prize, and there was much amusement when it was discovered the ball he selected was none other than the club chairman’s !

Alan has very kindly donated his cash prize back to club funds.

The Shire 100 Club continues to grow in size which is good news for everyone who has the Shire at heart. The money raised through the investment of members is all poured back into helping Shire meet its goals both on and off the pitch.

You can become a member for as little as £5.00 a month, safe in the knowledge that you are helping to keep our club moving towards a brighter future and also putting yourself in with a chance of winning a monthly cash prize and other Shire-related goodies too.

Joining the Shire 100 Club could not be simpler. Full details and an application form are available by clicking here .