Your Name On The Shirt

You still have the chance to take part in our very successful player sponsorship scheme.

The club is seeking sponsors for Adam Murray, Chis McLaughlin, Aidan McKeown and Iain Ure for the 2017/18 season. The cost for the package is £120.00(inc. VAT) and is a great way to show your support for the club and an individual player.

In return you will receive a replica jersey signed by the player you sponsor. Your name will also appear in the player’s profile page on the club website as his sponsor and there will be a mention in each home match programme as well.

The player sponsor scheme has had a high uptake level again this season and the club, not to mention the players awaiting sponsorship, would be delighted if you wanted to take part.

If you are the sponsor for any of the four players mentioned then get in touch by sending us an e-mail to

Last year the club arranged a special event where sponsors received their signed in person from their own player.