Reminder – Fans Should Not Try to Attend Closed Door Matches

Can we take this opportunity to thank the majority of fans for their patience but remind them not to potentially jeopardise the club’s return to football under the current guidelines by turning up and trying to get in or view matches by lurking in the darkness.

This is not Sunday football on a local pitch, we come under the professional return guidelines.

Not only does it absolutely jeopardise our return but that of the opposition team.

The club has invested a lot of money and time in to making sure we could start the season, the work that’s gone in the background has been monumental and has consumed peoples’ lives over the last few months to ensure the club survived and came back.

Everyone has seen the sacrifice the players are making just now is enormous, even just to train and play.

We absolutely understand everyone misses the football and we are doing everything to keep people in touch with what’s happening with very little resource but for individuals to jeopardise the return for everyone is disappointing at best.

Please consider how your actions can have an effect on everything we are doing.

Please stay away.