Day: August 21, 2019

100 Club (Home of the Gnome) – August Cash Draw This Saturday

The 100 Club returns this Saturday, 24th August, where the new £175 cash prize is up for grabs.


Support the Shire and sign up to the 100 club now.

Cash draws and unique Gnome draws are held monthly throughout the year.

Sign up for:-
1 ball = £5
2 balls = £10
4 balls =£20
Per month
Or Pay annually £60, £120 or £240.

Every £ helps keep our club going so click on the Commercial Tab above and follow the link for the 100 Club to join. You can also speak to Scott Greenaway ASAP to be in the next draw.

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East Stirlingshire’s Last Man Standing Is Back

After a highly successful season last couple of seasons we are delighted to announce that the East Stirlingshire Committee will be continuing the Last Man Standing competitions this season to help raise funds for East Stirlingshire FC.

It will be a similar format to last year. £5 entry with the pot being split 50/50 between the winning pot and the club (i.e. 200 players means £250 to the winner(s) and £250 to the club).

Choose a different Scottish league team every week from the SPL to League 2, if they win you go through, lose or draw and you’re out!

We’ve made some slight adjustments to the rules for this season so for further details see below. To enter contact Gary English directly or through the East Stirlingshire’s Last Man Standing facebook page. Alternatively speak to Gary or Scott Greenaway at our games.

Last Man Standing will return on 14th September. Watch out for the fixtures for week 1 which will be posted this Friday (23rd August) on the East Stirlingshire’s Last Man Standing facebook page. Information will also be given about The DEADLINE for entry. All entries MUST be paid by this deadline.



1. No Friday night games

The Friday night deadline has been notorious for catching people out, therefore we’re sticking to games only on Saturday or Sunday

2. The deadline will always be Saturday at noon

This way there’s really no excuses for missing the deadline

3. If your game is postponed before the deadline you must reselect your team

This is to stop people who were selecting games and then they were postponed 5 mins later.



– Pick a different SPFL team to win every week to go through, lose or draw and you’re out. (Win must be in 90 mins if a cup tie is selected)

– If you miss the deadline or select the same team twice you will be given the first team alphabetically that you haven’t selected (etc Aberdeen, Airdrie and so on)

– 50% of the SPFL teams must be in action at the weekend for the competition to continue

– If your game is postponed/abandoned you go through but cannot select that team again. This is only if your game is postponed after the deadline

– It’s a one time payment of £5 to enter, with the money being split 50/50 between the club and winning pot (i.e. 200 players means £250 to the winner(s) and £250 to the club)

– If all remaining participants are eliminated the pot will be split accordingly (ie £180 pot and the remaining 3 all lose they get £60 each)