Day: August 22, 2019

Player sponsorship Available – £120

We still have some players looking for shirt sponsorship this season.

£120 gets you a player of your choice and a signed shirt from that player. You also get your name in the programme as the players home or away sponsor and also on the player’s page on this website. If you are interested please contact Tracy Daly directly or email to

We have still available:-

Robbie Taylor – Home

Iain Ure – Away

Andy Grant – Away

Paul McCafferty – Away


Eddie Malone – Home
Eddie Malone – Away

Jamie Gallagher – Home
Jamie Gallagher – Away

Evan Horne – Home
Evan Horne – Away

Jamie Dishington – Away

Peter McDonald – Home
Peter McDonald – Away

Willie Dyer – Home
Willie Dyer – Away

Reis Peggie – Home
Reis Peggie – Away

Martin Orr – Home
Martin Orr – Away

Blair Hastings – Home
Blair Hastings – Away

Support your Shire and your favourite player ⚫️⚪️⚫️

Signing News – Steven Bain

Derek has tonight added defensive midfielder Steven Bain to his squad. Steven has featured for the Shire as a trialist in a number of pre season matches and played in Monday’s reserve win at Queens Park.

Welcome Steven.