Day: June 2, 2020

SATURDAY IS SHIREDAY! 🌑🌕🌑 – Vote For A Favourite Full Shire 2019/20 Match

Before “Shirefest”, Shire TV are re-running the full 90 minutes of a classic Shire match from the 2019/20 season at 3pm, including the 15 minute Half Time interval for your pies and Bovrils!
Vote A, B or C in the comments  on our facebook page for the match you would like to see again.
A. Shire 9-1 Gretna 2008 (2/11/19)
B. Shire 5-2 Gala FR (15/2/20)
C. Shire 6-1 Dalbeattie Star (1/2/20)
Vote now and enjoy a Saturday at the football! Voting closes on Thursday at 9am